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    Immerse yourself with Mana de Ibiza Fragrance into an unmistakable olfactory dream world.

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    Conjure with our fragrance compositions well-being in your home.

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    New exclusive room fragrance from Ibiza.

About eshop Mana de Ibiza

What does “Mana” actually mean ?
In its elemental meaning, mana simply means power, whether spiritual or mundane.
Mana describes a universal life force that flows in every manifestation of worldly reality and fills it with life.

What defines us?
Our goal and personal need is to stimulate your well-being with the sensuality of the fragrances of Mana de Ibiza Fragrance.
Let yourself be enchanted by the fragrance compositions – created with dedication and passion.

We currently have these fragrances for you

Collection Illa Mágica


Our first fragrance collection called “illa magica” – magical island – we dedicate to our enchanting adopted home Ibiza. It is a tribute to the sensuality, extravagance and diversity of the world’s most famous Balearic island.

The south of Ibiza is a true bon vivant full of energy, elegance and seductive moments. It feels most at home in the evening hours and offers all the facets of an unforgettable moment.

Our black matte bottle reflects the magic of the night and combines with the golden wooden lid a natural and unique symbiosis.

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