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About us

Ibiza, our inspiration

The magical island of Ibiza has been captivating everyone, old and young, since its discovery.

Its beautiful white beaches with turquoise sea, omnipresent pine groves, untouched nature, historical monuments as well as the unique hippie flair make Ibiza a paradise on earth. One immediately falls in love with the charm, beauty and open lifestyle that can be felt everywhere.

Ibiza is classy, luxurious and sexy.

On the other hand, it is a strongly liberal and cosmopolitan place that welcomes everyone. As a true source of inspiration, it is perceived by artists and creative minds from all over the world. In its history, the island has been visited by quite a few greats – writers, philosophers, painters and musicians – and many world-famous works have been created here.

Our journey

Our journey began about 6 years ago, when we decided to leave Switzerland and call Ibiza our new home. But as so often the way was not easy and we had to overcome many obstacles. But none of them could stop us from our dream to build our new existence here.

Pretty soon it became clear that the passion for real estate would shape the beginning of our professional existence. Shortly after, “Mana de Ibiza, Your swiss partner on the island” was born. It was, and still is, a privilege to be able to personally visit many of the breathtaking properties, villas, houses and fincas on Ibiza and to include quite a few of them in our portfolio.

But there was one thing we were missing. And that was a unique scent that reflected the beauty and exclusivity of the properties – our own scent composition. After several months of research and gathering endless information, we came to the decision that we wanted more than just a white-label product with our brand. Because not only the content, but also the design was especially on our mind.

It has been 2 years since we worked intensively on our Mana de Ibiza Fragrance brand and now, with full dedication, we can present to you our creation. We are proud and full of dignity to have received support for our olfactory creations from the best perfumers from the French region of Grass – the world capital of perfume.

Our dream

Our goal and personal need is to stimulate your well-being with the sensuality of the scents of Mana de Ibiza Fragrance. Let yourself be enchanted by the – with a lot of heart and passion – created fragrance compositions.

In addition to the best raw materials, the all-round is also very close to our hearts. Because only the total package makes it special. Therefore, the entire production cycle takes place exclusively in Europe.

Let us transform any place of your choice into an oasis of your senses with our perfume.